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Read It: No More Excuses Paperback – April 20, 2014
by Mr. Rod Goelz (Author)

"A 'HOW TO READ' method for the rest of us..."

Are you a first time reader? Are you a bass player who's been playing for years, who's never learned to read? Are you a bass teacher looking for reading book that will not only not bore your students, but also uplift them to many different styles of music, and the lessons therein!

The idea was simple...give the bass community a book that makes it fun to learn how to read music… in doing so, they will learn to read music. No nursery rhymes, no folk melodies adapted for electric bass… the real stuff… in the style of REAL players. No more reading methods that are older than your parents—methods that never witnessed James Brown, The Beatles. Woodstock, Punk Rock. It’s a brand new age!

Join the READ IT community of players and teachers who have benefited from the READ IT philosophy of combining REAL MUSIC (ROCK, PUNK, BLUEGRASS, FUNK, R&B, GRUNGE, LATIN, JAZZ, COUNTRY, etc.) with the task of learning a new written language...creating sounds to be excited about!!! In this community, bass teachers from around the world are encouraged to share their methods of combining READ IT with transcriptions and other activities that they use to engage their students, say goodbye to tablature forever! Learning to read music can be fun, musically relevant, and engaging! READ IT!!!


Editorial Reviews

About the Author: The Associated Press has called Rod a “Six-string surgeon.” He has been mentoring musicians and making great music for more than 25 years. A native of York, PA, Rod attended Berklee College of Music and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music Industry Studies from Millersville University. Rod has taught guitar, bass, and mandolin to hundreds (if not thousands) of musicians, and he is credited for his ability to creatively mix diverse areas of music, including hip-hop, funk, rock, country, metal, bluegrass, jazz, pop, reggae, and just about any style his students can think of. Known for his involvement with such diverse bands such as Paradise Movement and American Hollar, Rod is also the co-founder of Groove Jones, Groove Jones Jr. and Black Market. Rod makes learning fun and exciting by tailoring his lessons to his students’ interests and goals. He meets his students where they are and journeys with them to nurture their unique musical voice. Rod brings his trademark sense of humor and ability to teach on the fly into session, making his online and in-person lessons feel more like a jam session than a rigid music class. Rod leverages his years of performance and teaching experience to build solid, confident, lifelong musicians. In addition to his many instrumental contributions, Rod is also the author of the Basses Loaded and Make It Funky instructional series published by Santorella Publications, LTD. His latest instructional book, Quickstart Guitar, is one of the foundational lesson books offered with his lessons at the Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center. Rod’s universe contains no musical taboos - all styles offer something unique and valuable to every musician. He believes that the best way to learn an instrument is to play with others from the first day. Application brings understanding and motivation. Fall of 2012 has Rod leading Quickstart and Rock Band programs at The Perfect 5th Musical Arts Center in Mechanicsburg, PA. He is also expanding his offerings to include online guitar, bass and mandolin private "one-on-one" lessons for students around the world.


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